Welcome To Your Credit Union

Whatever you need, San Juan Credit Union is your credit union. From accessing your money in your free checking account, to reaching your savings goals with a San Juan Credit Union Savings account, your money is covered.

Your Checking Account

As a San Juan Credit Union member/owner, you’ll enjoy our FREE checking accounts for both your personal and business needs. (Some fees may apply. Please see our fee schedule.)

Saving Your money

Achieve your long-term and short-term savings goals with one of our many savings accounts.  Choose one that is the right fit for your savings goal.

Types Of Accounts

Regular Share Accounts

This is your main account that holds your shares in the credit union. A minimum of $25 must stay in the account to maintain your membership. If you ever close your account, that $25 is returned to you provided the account is in good standing. 

Annual Share Accounts
Want to earn a higher dividend than a regular share account? This account does that, and can be withdrawn from once per calendar year without a penalty. If you do withdraw more than once per calendar year there will be a penalty of 5% of the amount withdrawn each time.
Christmas Club Accounts

Be prepared for Christmas each year with our Christmas Club Account, and earn a higher dividend than our regular share accounts while saving. The funds are released to your account mid-November and can be withdrawn without a penalty from then until the end of the year. If withdrawals are made outside of those dates there will be a 5% penalty of the funds withdrawn each time.


We have many CD options available to our members ranging anywhere from six months to five years. Check out our Rates page to see our current CD rates.

IRA & Health Savings Accounts

We offer both Traditional and Roth IRA’s as well as Health Savings Accounts. See our Rates page for our current dividend rates.

Customizable Savings Suffixes

If you would like to have a custom savings suffix in your account, for example: a suffix to save up to buy a car or to save money for your kids we offer it. The dividend rate is the same as our regular share account, and a great feature is that you can manage the suffix names through your online account.

Contact Us

Call or come in and visit one of our locations today to setup your checking or savings account! Here at San Juan Credit Union, it’s your money, your future and we’re you’re credit union.