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Secure, fillable forms and informational documents

Fillable Forms

Interest Rate Reduction Request Form 📑
This form is used to request a reduction of your interest rate.

Auto Payment Change Request 📑
This form can be used to notify SJCU of a change in your employer or direct deposit or to stop or start an automatic payment from your direct deposit
. It can also be used to stop, start, or change a transfer between suffixes.

Loan Application (Single Borrower)📑
This application can be used for vehicle, signature, or share secured loans.

Loan Application (with Co-Borrower)📑
This application can be used for vehicle, signature, or share secured loans.

Loan Payment Skip Request📑
Loan payment skips are available to members who have paid on a loan for 12 or more months without any late payments or other penalties.

Wire Transfer Agreement📑
Complete this form to send funds through a wire transfer.

ACH or Draft Stop Payment Form📑
Use this form to return an unauthorized ACH or draft.

Remote Deposit Capture Agreement📑
Fill out this form to agree to usage terms for Remote Deposit using mobile banking. 

Foreign/International Travel Notification📑
Complete this form if you have intentions of being out of the country and wish to use your debit card there.

Debit Card Application And Disclosure📑
Disclosure form with application for a debit card

Information Documents

Fraud Prevention Best Practices Guides📑
A guide to help prevent fraud on your account.

Should I File Fraud?📑
A flow chart for you to follow to see if it makes sense for you to file fraud.

Notice of Change Debit Card Agreement & Disclosure📑Addendum to the debit card agreement and disclosure.

Privacy Policy📑
San Juan Credit Union privacy policy

Wire Instructions📑
Instructions to have a wire deposited into your account

Financial Wellness📑
Tips and information about financial wellness

Our Services📑
See the services we offer that you may not be aware of

2024 High School Scholarship

High School Scholarship Application📑
Download this application to fill out.

Scholarship Info📑
Information packet for requirements and restrictions.