Good Member Rate Reduction Program

Not so good credit – No worries! 

San Juan Credit Union offers two ways to lower your interest rate on a loan:

1. Available for all members whether or not you qualify for any of our other rate reductions available.  Simply pay your loan according to your contractual terms (including keeping current insurance with the proper deductibles in place at all times) for one year.  After one year of paying on your loan with no late payments, and no insurance penalties you are eligible to request a 2% interest rate reduction on your loan.  You can request these interest rate reductions annually up until the time your loan is paid off or you have reached our lowest interest rate available at that time.  Please contact a collections officer for more details.

2. At the time you obtain a loan you can get good member rate reductions (listed below) up to a maximum of 2.5% reduction in interest on your loan.  Ask your loan officer how much of a reduction you are eligible for.